• Excellent to replace E26/E27 and B22 bulbs
• Performance: 3W, 5W, 7W, 9W, 11W and 25W
• Excellent efficiency
• Special form
• Easy installation (E27 Base)

• Beam angle: 240°
• It can be used as a security lamp
• Scope: Industry, Warehouses, Offices, Public lighting, Trade, Homes

• 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 25W
• 50,000 hours operating time (30°C)
• Colour temperature: 3000K, 5700K
• CRI(Typ.): Ra85
• Beam angle: 270°
• Power factor >0.93

 Sizes Installation opportunities
oba2_01_swap02b oba2_02_swap02b oba2_03_swap02b obb_02_swap02b
Omni-Wild Omni Wild Angel
With traditional bulbs and the same beam angle.
Omni-Flicker-Free Flicker free
Flickering damages health and it can cause visual impairment and high stress.
Omni-Glare No glare
Even half less than in case of other LEDs
Omni-Burn-safty Burn safety
Attention: when you change the bulb, turn the lighting area carefully.
Omni-Long-Life Long lifespan
Increased lifespan due to low temperature LED chips.
Omni-Electricity-Fee Huge (even 85%) reduce in energy costs
A 85% reduce in energy costs can be achieved compared to a 60W traditional bulb.
Omni-Low-THD Low THD
Less harmonic distortion ensures safety to equipments around us.
Omni-High-PFD Energy efficient PFC
Revised power factor correction circuit, increased efficiency factor.
Omni-Airtight It can be used in airtight lamp bodies
It can be utilized in airtight lamp bodies similar to traditional bulbs.
Replacement Model Total
lighting power
Pupil lumen¹
Lighting power
CRI Operating temperature/
Installation angle
CFL Halogen
8W 24W OBA2-3W 288lm 547Plm 96lm/W 85Ra




270˚ Standard
13W 40W OBA2-5W 480lm 912Plm 96lm/W 85Ra
18W 56W OBA2-7W 665lm 1,264Plm 93lm/W 85Ra
23W 72W OBA2-9W 828lm 1,573Plm 92lm/W 85Ra
23W 72W OBA2-9W* 765lm 1,454Plm 85lm/W 97Ra
28W 88W OBA2-P11W 1,012lm 1,923Plm 92lm/W 85Ra
63W 200W OBB-25W 2,500lm 4,750Plm 100lm/W 85Ra

* With the signed CRI application of the product (97Ra)
¹ Pupil Lumen = Photopic Lumens x S/P Ratio

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