NORDEON Baldur Track Lighting System – Line Lighting Luminaire


nordeon_skadi_2er_black_low-res-reddot nordeon-baldur_schwarz-spot_72dpi_rgb_reddot



The track lighting system recommended for the line design luminaires. The system allows you to use different power panels that are interchangeable and recolatable. The rail system is that a straight line can be inserted in the luminaires to each other.

Luminaire color: White, Black, Grey. Suitable for suspended ceiling elements and fixed wire or suspended from the ceiling. Various optics: female, 120 degrees wide beam version and double asymmetric design which is concentrating on the shelves in the lights. Connecting elements can create continuous lighting net. 5-year system warranty and extremely high luminous flux, it is characterized by particularly good efficiency and light output. Long life and up to 80% savings can be used to calculate.

The price is higher than the other solutions, but the least amount of energy consumed and longest service life. The LED panels later be replaced, repaired. returns of around 2.5 years can be expected, but in a completely new and modern network obtained. Lighting design package pre-planned in the sales area. Form and efficiency of one of the most advanced lighting solutions. Built-in emergency lighting and emergency lighting options can provide. Completed with LED headlights as well. Spar stores are used.







Baldur_UWB Baldur_WB Baldur_MB Baldur_NB Baldur_OPAL O-DI Baldur_OPAL Baldur_ASYM_A Baldur_DA


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