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Lighting In Offices – LED Lighting Design and Optimization

Today offices need to have complex visual functions besides minimal operational costs. Companies and their employees have suitable and efficient office lighting if they have suitable lighting technologies. LED technologies help avoid glaring screens and low power of lighting. Additionally LED technologies help you achieve stylish design.

Light influences human feelings and determines the efficiency of daily work. MBLight helps redesign the lighting in the offices and provides optimal lighting in buildings and places. MBLight offers you the suitable lighting resources and lamps in order to ensure immediate returns if investments.

Sustainability and cost reduction are necessary because of high energy costs today.  

We focus on three factors while designing and implementing lighting systems:
– to increase and correct your business and energy efficiency,
– to develop productivity,
– to secure operating production process.


Omni-Led-Series Ipari világítás Elion
MBL LED fluorescent tubes 9, 15, 20, 21, 30W ICEPIPE
Omniled Series
38W 1×4
38W 2×2
10, 20, 30, 45W



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