MB-Light │ Design and implementation of new lighting networks

The adequate implementation of a lighting network is based on accurate design that can be reached with a prior assessment of individual and special application needs.

The personalised design aims to provide those lighting devices that match your future development plans and contribute to reduce the maintenance and operation costs. Moreover, they ensure to have short-term returns and long-term increase in profits.

We offer quality work, stable warranty and rational design and implementation. Our 10-year professional experience in unique design and development of lighting systems guarantees significant environmental protection and rational energy consumption. Our products with the latest control electronic software can operate with power supply or alternative power source (e.g. solar panel). Our software systems help to achieve minimal or totally costless operation beside a complete automation of lighting networks.

We have been given reliable and available references in the national market since 2003.

Our interior design solutions have the latest techniques that result in innovative and qualitative design. Many of our products have the famous Red Dot Awards.

Our main profile is construction planning and implementation.

We have found energy wasting in many lighting networks so far. Thus based on our 10-year professional experience we state that LED lighting technology is much more cost effective. Moreover, LED lighting technology provides the most innovative and suitable solution today.


ledlight Why LED?

LED as the latest lighting source has become the international market leader in a short time. Energetically LEDs are excessively economical and their light output is more effective than the best previous ones. The operational and maintenance costs are minimal. Moreover, they have longer lifespan than traditional incandescent light bulbs have (at least 25.000 hours of operation). There are not any parts exposed failures and no need for more kilovolts of ignition voltage. Light bodies implemented with LEDs are able to light at operational level immediately after they are on, and they are also able to be switched on/off any time without any failures of the lighting sources. They operate with better optical and electrical efficiency beside less reactive power. In case of life expiration it is a benefit that LED has a 20-25% decrease in lighting rather they become useless.



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