We have established reliable partnerships with more national financial institutions so far. Thus we provide our customers the latest and best investment financing solutions if they do not choose direct purchase.

There is an opportunity to have open-ended financial leasing besides traditional closed-ended financial leasing. In case of an open-ended financial leasing the customer leases the system with low monthly repayments, and when the leasing period ends the customer buys the system for a symbolic amount. In this case the bank is the owner of the system during the leasing period.

If you choose the best financial way and maturity, the cost of ownership is minimal. It happens because the implementation of new system results in an immediate reduces of costs that are higher than the monthly repayments.

Project financing
Small and medium sized enterprises usually have abilities to apply for national funds for renewal energy utilization and/or factory and operational modernization.  We constantly monitor the actual project opportunities related to our services. In case of project financing we provide you writing the project with complete implementation and other related financing with the help of our extensive relationships.

Inquire about the actual financing opportunities!


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